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About Us

In business since 2001, we have customers in over 32 countries around the world!

What is Completephone.us?

Just a website...

Completephone.us is just a content website for Cablantel, there to provide information to the cablantel customers.

What is Cablantel?

Cablan.net's VoIP division

In 2015, Cablan.net decided to rebrand it's VoIP services under the Cablantel name.

What is Cablan.net?

A Canadian company since 2001

We are known around the world for our attention to customer service, innovation and low prices.

Offering VoIP services since 2011, managing servers since 2001

Cablan.net has been offering VoIP services since 2011, but Jeremiah, our senior VoIP engineer has been in the United States VoIP industry since 2002.